Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl

History of the Fence

Since the early days of human history, owning property has been a thing to be grasped. Most of the time the property would be secured and divided by a wood fence. There wasn’t a traditional wood fence we see today. Fences were most likely piles of wood strategically elevated on A-frame wood structures. We know a few ways people in history have utilized fences. Shepherds guarded their sheep, homes were secured, and estate boundaries were set. Much of the same happens today. But with the addition of technology, you have a few more advanced options to choose from.

In 2019, you can choose a classic wood fence. But it will need a lot of maintenance and the cost/benefit doesn’t translate positively. You can choose an aluminum or steel fence but these lack the privacy a home needs. Your next options are a vinyl fence or the new molded fence. Vinyl fence is the one we’re going to continue to focus on. It is a classic and we love all the benefits that come with it.

What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is a premium quality polyvinyl chloride or most recognized as PVC. PVC is a strong and durable plastic material made specifically for longevity in mind. Saddleback’s vinyl products provide excellent impact strength and UV resistance. It won’t rot, warp, split, or splinter. We also give you options to choose from. Saddleback has 2 smooth colorways and 12 more woodgrain textured colorways.

If you like the look of wood but want the durability, security, and low maintenance of a vinyl fence, look at our woodgrain vinyl products here.

The Process Overview

Saddleback has installed over 5,000 vinyl fence projects over the past 10 years. The process beings with a job walk when we meet you at your property and estimate your job. One of our experienced sales representatives will arrive at the time you agreed to. With your permission, they will walk your property to gather the information they need for your job.

When they finish, you will receive a quote based on the information they gathered. The quote will be sent to you via email or in person.

Once you have decided you are ready to sign the contract, we will put you on the schedule and begin installation on your assigned date. The length of time it takes to be installed depends on the job size and difficulty of your vinyl fence project. The installation process isn’t the prettiest. Don’t worry, we clean up after ourselves.

After all that, you are set with a beautiful vinyl fence!

In the future, we will have a blog on our entire ordering process so make sure you stay tuned in and subscribe.

What a Vinyl Fence from Saddleback Can Do for You

Saddleback has been in the fencing industry for a long time. We know what good material is and what isn’t. If you missed our last blog about why Saddleback has the best vinyl fence, you can read it today. There are 3 main benefits you receive once your new vinyl fence is installed.

You get the security you desire. Our standard 6-foot-high vinyl fence is a detractor to trespassers. It has extra stability with U-Channel to keep the tongue and groove pickets on the panel from loosening.

Along with security, you get a product that is low maintenance. Many fences have issues with dry rot, termites, and dirt. Saddleback’s vinyl fences only require the occasional rinse.

After it’s installed or rinsed your home will look amazing! When a house looks as good as yours will, trust us, the property value goes up as well.

Vinyl is One of the Best Fence Materials Available

In the end, it’s up to you to decide who to go with when you want a new vinyl fence. You can choose a company with great experience, a product you will absolutely love, and a fence you will enjoy for a long time.

Give us a call for your new vinyl fence!

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