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At Saddleback Fence and Vinyl Products, we offer ornamental steel and aluminum fencing that raise the bar when it comes to quality and durability. These fences are designed to be stronger and longer-lasting than other types of steel and aluminum fences in the industry. All of our products are manufactured in the United States and warrantied. If you are in Orange County or a surrounding area such as Long Beach or Palos Verdes, you should check out our selection through our online steel/aluminum fence gallery or in our showroom! We are an Orange County vinyl products supplier that offers a wide range of fencing option.

Ornamental Steel Fence

We carry ornamental welded/ bracketed steel fences called Secure Weld Plus. The coating used on these fences is the very same electrocoating (e-coating) process that is used by the automotive industry. Because of their coating treatments, Saddleback’s steel fences have a much greater level of protection against corrosion.

Ornamental Aluminum Fence

We offer Alumi-Guard’s aluminum fencing, which is a line of ornamental fences that are known for their strength, low level maintenance, and aesthetic appeal.

Some of the key benefits of Alumi-Guard’s fences include the following:

  • Rails that can withstand three times more impact
  • Larger pickets that are not easily bent (3/4-inch pickets)
  • Reinforced posts that have double the strength (2 ½-inch posts)
  • Secure picket and panel connection
  • Simpler panel repair &  replacement

If you would like to learn more about our superior steel and aluminum fence products, come visit our large Orange County showroom! Call us today at (888) 498-4695 and ask for a free estimate.

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  • All Products Are Manufactured In United States
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